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We receive inspirational messages and testimonies from Chris's fans everyday. They come from all different people from all over the United States and world, including Poland! Read on to discover other Chris Cox fans and their thoughts and experiences on their own "Ride the Journey"!




Andrea S. Comments

Chris, crew and family,

   I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in Horsemanship 1 and 2. I never imagined that one week could change my life and now I have had 2 life changing weeks. The confidence I gained in Horsemanship 1 allowed me to begin barrel racing, something I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence for. I honestly did not even realize the impact the clinic had on me until after I was home for a couple of weeks. My interactions with horses are completely different, in a good way! Thank you Chris for riding my horse in Horsemanship 2 and showing me that he is capable of so much more and I need to require more. That was an incredibly emotional, humbling, amazing experience. You are so extraordinary! I am looking forward to Horsemanship 3.


Comment from Lynn D. 

“Tried and Tested to develop TRUST in my horse – which resulted in an absolutely Triumphant accomplishment.”

Lynn D. – Chris Cox Clinic Chappell Hill, TX October, 2011

Dear Chris, Barbara, Charley and Case:

I completely understand why your clinics are life changing. You were able to make me reach inside myself for courage, self confidence and stamina. In turn, this created leadership and enabled a partnership of trust with my horse.

This accomplishment is exceptional, because I received a gift from one of the world’s greatest horseman

As I am grateful, this letter is a personal thank you for encouraging me to do my best. This is a note of gratitude for all the people you recognize that were “sent” to you.

Barbara thanks for visiting with me so many times before the clinic – and reinforcing Chris would get my horse’s first time out through anything. He did.

I have ridden Lance several times since the clinic and we are indeed a new partnership. I will be applying your methods in all my riding.

Well stated…Chris Cox indeed ROCKS! Your tenacious training skills applied at the clinic certainly enabled me to become the horsewoman I wanted to be. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

May God Bless You in your journey of Teaching others. We are blesses to receive your gift of creating better handlers of one of God’s greatest creations – the horse.

Reach within yourself…and ride with Faith.



Michaela G. comments

I just got back from watching you in Madison, Wisconsin, and I just had to share with you the impact that you had on me. God touched my life through your program. I was sitting there watching you, and it was like God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Remember this is what it is all about. I gave you this passion to change your life so you could change others." He showed me I had been holding onto my pride and striving too much for success that could only lead to dead ends.

Watching you step back and let God work through you and your program was humbling and life changing for me. I have watched Clinton and other trainers, and you are the only one that has brought me closer to God and my passion for horses at the same time. I also wanted to thank you for allowing us to come for free. I am a college student from the state of Iowa, and I would definitely not have been able to come otherwise. I am fortunate to have the parents that I do because they paid for my gas and hotel to come as a birthday present. I have recently hit several road blocks in my training with my 3-year-old, and I believe God led me to Madison this weekend for a reason.

I was sitting in your crowd already overwhelmed with excitement and with God's presence, but then you told a story about the girl that was addicted to drugs. For the last two years I have been researching what it would take to open a horse program for at-risk kids of my own someday. Sometimes I feel so crazy to have a passion for it like I do because I have never met anyone who I can share it with. The last few weeks I have really been doubting whether passion he has blessed me with, and that I can't ignore it. I was touched by your president Keith. After I heard that story, I went up to him and asked for information about the ranch in Utah. He didn't know anything, but instead of blowing me off like I would have expected, he gave me his card and told me to call him and he would help anyway he could.

God is using you and your horsemanship company to change lives, and I feel blessed to have been touched by it.


Kim M. says

I wanted to send a note to let you know what a wonderful time my daughter Tarah and I had at the clinic Stormy held in Pioneertown!  Stormy is an incredible teacher and the patience he had with my daughter, who has a learning disability, was heartwarming.  She learned so much from Stormy and was completely at ease asking questions when she didn’t understand something.  We both improved our horsemanship skills and we’re so excited to schedule another clinic!! 


Comment from Ken D.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the show.

I learned allot over the 2 days...actually too there was so much to take in that I can't remember most of it... lol lol But I am sure if something arises with my horse it might come back.

I still can't believe Chris had me not only riding without  any reins, but even trotting, and even more spectacular was cantering without them, especially since I have never cantered before and only trotted a couple of times.

I have told some people about this (then ones I told about the show that couldn't make it) and they all said they wish they could of been there to see that because there is no way they would even do that, and they know my fear of riding and throught WOW he must of been good to get me relaxed enough to talk me into doing that... Not to mention the fact that they said they would have liked to see my facial expressions as he told me to do that. lol lol (nice friends).

Again it was a very well done show/clinic.

P.S. Please tell Chris thank you for me.


Bonnie S. said

Chris & Crew,

I went to your clinic this past weekend and was also inspired to push myself further in my riding. I have shown Paints in the past but got bucked off a few years ago that totally messed up my confidence. I have been making excuses for a long time. So... after your clinic I sent up my area, energized myself and my 27 year old horse and went at it. Walk, trot, lope all without hands on the reins. I was so happy to get that feel back again.

Thank you!!! You really are my hero.

I also wanted to say that horses have been my therapy. They have gotten me through some very difficult times and are still doing so.


Linda T commented

Thank you again for the free clinic in Madison. My husband probably would not have attended if we had to pay for his ticket. He's a farrier and "doesn't do horse stuff" on his days off. But once he started watching Chris, he saw how much there was to Chris and his program. We purchased one of your packages and the book. We would have purchased the bit but we have draft horses and didn't think the bit was the right size for our horses. My husband said one of our friends should have been there to see the clinic. So your theory of us telling others is spot on! We will encourage all of our horse friends to attend a clinic. The TV show is good, but there's nothing like being there up front and personal! It is obvious that everything that Chris says and does come from deep within his soul. Thank you again and again!


Comment from Becky and Todd N.


Thank you very much for an awesome clinic! I think this is the first time I have been gone from home and not anxious to get back, even though we are in the middle of harvest. I am very amazed with your knowledge and understanding of horses and grateful that you share. I am also very impressed with your halter and lead rope that I bought at the clinic and have already put it to use as well as the knowledge you gave us. I already got the horse cantering that I told you about that has been bucking me off. He never tried bucking even though it was a cold and very windy morning.  I was so excited because it has been a year of bad experiences and my confidence was low. I learned so much by watching you and Clayton in person. Now I am going to start ordering your dvds and of course watch your show on how to get them working cattle better. My goal for next year is to get one of your bridles and hopefully some day get to one of your clinics at your ranch.

Thanks again and may God Bless.


Withold J from Germany comments

Hallo Christ..hier ist Maria aus Germany.Wir haben uns könnengelernt in Polen in Zbroslawice bei meine Freunde auf" Considering the Horse".Ich habe im Reitstall wo Pferde ich reite Bilder von Dein Show geziegt,alle waren begeistert wie kannnst Du mit dem Pferd alles machen.Als erinnerung von uns beide aus Polen schiecke ich dich paar Foto.Schöne Grüsse Maria

(Rough English Translation: Hello Christian.. Here is Maria from Germany. We have learned and trained in Zbroslawice, Poland at my friends on “Considering the Horse”. I have horses in the riding stables where I ride horses and pictures of your show. Everyone was thrilled with the horse and everything you can do with them. As a memory of us both from Poland, I sent you a couple of photos. Kind regards/Beautiful greetings, Maria.)


Donna B comments


Words cannot express what this clinic did for me. After 2 falls off of my horse within 2 years, I contemplated quitting. I am not the worst rider, but my husband says I could be the next to the worst rider. Last week, I used my halter and lead rope I bought at the clinic and with Chris’s techniques still in my head the transformation in my horse and myself was amazing. I had him cut by the fence, circled him around, not invade my space. There was a new sheriff in town…it was me! My horse respected me this time and I am so happy. My daughter did the same and was equally excited. We will continue to buy his products and listen to his teaching. Please pass this along to others.